Old Passions

at the Paramount Center
2130 Main Street
Springfield, Oregon, 97478

HOURS: Tuesday ~ Saturday: 1 PM ~ 5:30 PM
eMail: JD@OldPassions.com,
Call: 541-632-2182

If the OPEN sign is on, but the door is locked
I am in the back and would not hear if some one entered.
PLEASE ring the door bell so I can let you in.

Extended Hours Available
Sunday ~ Saturday: 11AM ~ 7PM
by Appointment

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Jeannie & JD Olson
After collecting for more than 50 years,
we think it is time to start cleaning house.

Click Here to take a walk back in time and visit
our clock museum as it was before we retired.
We were only able to handle retirement for 2 years.

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If you see something in my catalog that you want,
Or if there is something you want me to find for you,
give me a call or send an email.