Old Passions

Forward by JD Olson

Old Passions
For the past twenty years (1996-2016), my wife, Jeannie and I had been operating the Conger Street Clock Museum. The museum contained clocks that Jeannie and I had collected over the past thirty five years, which was from the first day we met at a garage sale, that was selling some old clocks. Well actually, it was a garage sale I was having to clear out some of the old clocks I still had from my "Little Ol' Clock Shop" in Coos Bay, Oregon, after I had moved to Eugene, Oregon. The museum also displayed clocks, old telephones, trains, old toy cars and trucks, radios and radio equipment, old office equipment, old machines, and other items I had been collecting over the past sixty years (more or less). It makes me sound old when I say I had been collecting for the last sixty years, so
I will leave that part out of My Story.

When people would visit, they would often have questions about many of the items in our museum, but they would also have questions about how I got interested in the clocks and other items I had collected, and why I chose those items to collect. So I would try to answer both questions, and both answers had to do with how I grew up. My parents were missionaries to the Apache Indians, so I grew up on an Indian Reservation. I found it curious that my customers would find it interesting that I grew up on an Indian Reservation and played Cowboys and Indians with Geronimo's grandkids, watched Indian fights in front of the mission, and was also passionate about Flying, Ham Radio, Photography, Raising Horses, Motorcycles, Cars, Antiques, any kind of old or new mechanical devices and of course,
I am most passionate of all,
about my beautiful wife, who I met at my garage sale.

Each of these passions had a beginning that started somewhere, and I am going to write about those beginnings as I remember them. I may never finish this book but I will keep adding to it as I think of and remember the events that I considered special in my life. I think the way a book should be written is that you set up a format, a plan, a sketch, and a draft, and then you find someone to write it for you. However, I am not as young as I was at one time, so if I did it the way it should be done, most likely, I would have already been dead for five or ten years by the time I got it finished.

From time to time, I will look in the obituary, and if I am not listed in it for that day, I will be adding to the book. I might add something I remembered to the front, the middle, or the back of the book. It will depend on where it fits best. If I add something to the front or middle, I will make a note as to when it was added. So the book will grow just the way we do in life, all over.

I am writing this to try and keep my mind working, so it is for my benefit, but if you also get any pleasure out of it, that is wonderful and a special bonus for me. However, I am not pretending to think that it should be special to anyone other than myself.

I thank you for your time if you read this far.

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