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Everyone has passion for something. The lucky people have passions for many things. People usually have passion for the one they are with, for their family, and their friends. Some people are also passionate about their religion, their car, their football team, their pets and even for their political views. The truly lucky people are also passionate about the things they have acquired. I am passionate about all of the things I mentioned, but I am especially passionate about things mechanical. Most of all, I am passionate about time and the devices that help us monitor time.

Clocks and Time
Time has been controlling our actions for thousands and thousands of years. Until a few hundred years ago we monitored time by the shadow of a tree or the flow of water leaking from a vessel. We watched the time lapsing with the burning of a candle or as sand would flow from the top to the bottom of an hourglass. It was the evolution of time and history that led to the Conger Street Clock Museum.

What, When, Where, Why
Visitors to the museum have been as interested as to why I collected something or when and where I found it, as they have been to the what it is. I will attempt to answer these questions about many of the items in the museum. However, I must warn you that in order to do that, I will also need to explain why I was at the where when I collected the what to explain the why.
Old Pole Holler

The Olson Homes on Pole Holler Hill

In 1946 when we still lived in Millersville, Tennessee this road was known as Old Pole Holler. It was actually Pole Hill Road, but I like to remember it as Pole Holler. If you went a little distance on Pole Holler away from the Louisville Highway, you would come to a drive way that took you up the hill to where the Olsons lived.
All within walking distance was the house that Grandpa built, the house that an Uncle built, and the house that my dad built when he was 18 years old. To the left of our house, was my grandparent's house and my Uncle's house.
We all lived happily ever after,
Until 1948.
"The House That Dad Built"
Uncle on the left, Dad on the Right
The Olson's Kids
In 1938, My Dad and my mom were living in the house that Dad Built, along with their five boys. There was Tim, Me, Vic, Dave & Jim. Tim the youngest, and Jim the oldest. Their actual names have remained the same to protect other people.
Also in 1938, if you headed down Pole Holler toward the Louisville Highway, you would come to what is now C. Smith Street. I don't remember what the street was called before they renamed it, but at this time, it is named after one of my Uncles.
Grandma's Store
When you got to C. Smith Street, if you would head North East a few hundred feet, you would come to my Grandmother Olson's little store. I can remember when I was very little, walking down to my Grandma's store and she would give me orange pop. I can also remember when I was not quite three years old, I would walk the short distance from our house to my Grandma Olson's house and have coffee with Grandma and Grandpa. They would put a little milk in a cup with their coffee, and in another cup, they would put a little coffee in a cup of milk for me, and I would think I was having coffee with them. I also remember that the walls in their kitchen/dinning room went half way up with vertical wood slats and the top half was wallpaper with strawberries. She also had neat little kitchen curtains with strawberries on them. Great memories of Grandma and Grandpa Olson.

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