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Learning To Love Grandma Brent

Because we moved away from Millersville when I was so young, I never really got to know my Mother's mother. We would go back to Tennessee every few years so my mother could visit her family, but we were never there long enough to get to know them. When I was about twelve years old, my Dad and Mom had to go to Springfield, Ohio for a church convention. I went with them and the left me at Grandma's for a few days.

They had no sooner gotten out of sight, when Grandma marched me out into her garden. This was in the middle of Summer and it was about 157 degress in Millersville. I tried to explain that I was on vacation, and she told me that I was not on vacation when I was at her house.

She made me snap green beans, pull out the string, and toss them in a bucket. There I was, sweating like a pig, burning to death in the sun and thinking what it must have been like when the Aztec Indians would toss their kids into the fire as a sacrifice to the Gods. I wanted to call my parents on my cell phone and ask them to come and save me from this wicked old woman, but I couldn't. Cell phones had not been invented yet.

 Grandma Brent
Just as I was feeling really sorry for me, because I had the meanest, most hateful Grandma in the world, and knowing that she was going to let me die, right there in the hot sun, in the middle of her garden, Grandma came walking out to the garden while holding up her apron because she was holding something in it. She sat down beside and from her apron she handed to me a beautiful, ripe, bright red tomato and one of those little
Morton salt shakers.

We sat there, in the dirt, in her garden, in the sun, and had a wonderful time eating Matters (tomatoes) and basking in the wonderful sunshine. Then she told me that she could have just let me run around on the hills and play, but then I would never remember my Grandma Brent. It was at that moment, I realized that I had the most wonderful Grandmother in the world. I had just discovered another passion in life, Love for my Grandmother Brent.

When Passions are Born
Finally, I start to talk about my passions, and
I start with my passion for clocks.
When I was staying at grandmas house, in the bedroom where all of us boys were born, there was a little clock hanging on the wall, and it had a very loud tick. I loved to watch the little clock and loved to listen to the ticking. My grandmother would wind it every night before she would turn out the kerosene lamp. Grandma winding that clock, and being able to listen to it during the night was wonderful. I never got over loving the ticking of clocks. That might have been when my passion for clocks started.

Grandma's Little Clock

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