Page 4 Timely Passions at The Conger Street Clock Museum
Grandma Brent's House
My Other Grandma's house
If you continued a little farther NE on C. Smith a few hundred feet to the point where C. Smith Street, met the Louisville Highway, you would come to the house where my other grandmother lived and the house where my mother lived until she got married.
My grandfather on my mothers side, was a Deputy Sheriff and he was shot in the line of duty when he was thirty years old, and my mother was only eight. So my Grandma was left to raise six daughters and three sons, all by her self, on her farm, with the big barn, and all the crops.
Grandma's Barn

By 1939 my Dad's family and my mothers family, all lived in or next to Millersville, and the families was very tight. I have wonderful memories of my time there as a child. I remember the family get to-gathers we would have on Sundays, at one of the Aunts or Uncles farms and can still remember the smells of the fried chicken and the green beans cooked with bacon grease. I also love the memory of playing hide and seek with my cousin Dianne, in her parent's corn field, and making ice cream with the big ol ice cream churn. I remember that if we were good, they would let one of the kids turn the crank, and another if they were good, could sit on the churn, with the ice, to keep it steady as one of the kids turned the crank. I was grown before I realized what a trick they had played on the kids.
The Old Chicken Coop
There is another memory I have and I am not sure how I feel about it. I want to think it is a fond memory, but part of me now finds it a little disgusting. When I was about two years old, I loved to play in the chicken coop with my cousin Dianne. We would crawl through the little door on the bottom of the coop, just like the chickens did.
Our parents were always so upset when they found us and always made us take a bath right in the middle of the day. about 1996, I was doing a home show in Nashville so my wife and I would spend the nights in Millersville While I was there I visited Grandma's house and took a picture of the old chicken coop. It was still nasty inside and it did a lot to help destroy my fond memories of playing in all that chicken fertilizer.

Tennessee Visit. Photo taken in
Grandma's front yard, circa 1949
Because Mother's family all lived in Millersville, and we were not, Mom would get homesick for her family. About once a year, Dad and Mom, would load me and my four brothers, and later, me and my four brothers, and my baby sister in to our 1940 Buick Sedan, with the jump seats that would fold down, adding a third row of seats, and we would head out for Millersville.

Because we would try to make the trip in

only two days, we would usually arrive at Grandma's house around midnight, one or two, but I can remember with great fondness the sound of the crickets, and the frogs from off in the distance and the wonderful aroma of the evergreens that were along the side of the stair way leading up to the porch and front room of Grandma's house.

Me just before my little brother
was born in 1945.

I was thirteen months old when my little brother, now my big brother Tim, was born. Mother was a beautiful lady, and the winters in Tennessee were cold, so there were lots of Olson babies, and we were all very close in age.

Dave, Me, and Jim
just before we moved to California in 1948.

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