Old Passions

Total Liquidation, Auction, Estate Sale,
Going Out of Business, and Retiring Again Sale!

For 30 years, my wife and I operated Creative Clock and
the Conger Street Clock Museum. Four years ago we decided to
retire, but before we could complete our "Liquidation Sale",
one of us had a serious accident on his Harley Davidson. So for
the last six weeks of our "Liquidation Sale", one of us was out
of service or MIA. So by the time we closed the shop, we had many
new, and antiques we had to put in storage.

Three years ago we realized that we missed the friends and customers we
had met over the last 30 years, so one of us got the bright idea to open
a little shop in Springfield so we could sell all of the items that were
stored in the warehouses.

After operating the little shop for three years, we made and lot of new friends,
and found some new customers. But we still have a lot of nice merchandise we
need to sell for what ever we can get for them, but we have to close the shop
and finally retire once and for all.

We are going to be having an auction, the
end of the month and in the mean time taking any reasonable offer for the items
on display. Please visit us online to register, or make an appointment to visit
the shop to make an offer on something or to just register for our auction.

Old Passions
at the Paramount Center
2130 Main Street
Springfield, Oregon, 97478

Retirement Hours:

7 Days A Week
By Appointment Only

Call or eMail for an Appointment
call: 541-603-8064

eMail: Sales@OldPassions.com

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Call: 541-632-2182

eMail: Sales@OldPassions.com

Take a walk back in time as you visit
our clock museum as it was before we retired.

The Conger Street Clock Museum (15 Years Ago) 10 min.

The little Ol' ClockMaker (9 Years Ago) 3.5 Min.

Little Ol' Clockmaker (8 Years Ago 3.5 Min.

Old Clockmaker (10 Years Ago) 1.4 Min.

The Schlicker Pipe Organ at 40 Sec. mark

More about the Schlicker

The Tower Clock Mechanism

History Dot Net: Wild West Magazine

Facebook: Conger Street Clock Museum

15 Most interesting sights (10 Years ago)

Click Here for more Shop Photos

If you see something in my catalog that you want,
Or if there is something you want me to find for you,
give me a call or send an email.

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