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The Spitfire
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23.6" L ~ 29.5" W ~ 6.7" H


Spitfire Model aircraft, is a large desk model and inspired by the British fighter aircraft called Supermarine Spitfire that went into production in 1938. This aircraft is executed in the colors polished silver, has a length of 60.5 cm, a width of 75.5 cm and a height of 17 cm. Loved by pilots, it has a Sliding Cockpit Window and a functioning tail rudder. Supplied with an aluminium stand with plaque. The legendary Spitfire fighter was introduced in 1936 as a high-performance, one-seat short-range aircraft. BeLoved by pilots, it still has iconic status. Our model has incredible details such as retractable main wheels, a sliding cockpit window and a functioning tail rudder. This is one beautiful figurine for your desk.This model airplane also looks great as an accessory on a dresser, cabinet or table.

WW II Spitfire Videos

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Rare Spitfire     Spitfire Action     Flying a Spitfire

Loud & Low in a WW II Spitfire

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