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Amateur Extra


Alpha Bravo Nine Tango Echo
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Long Time Radio Operator
Nathaniel J. Welch
living in Appleton, Wisconsin

I always joke a bit about when I got my extra class. Back when I first got licensed I started out as a tech+ (14 years old) then 6 months later took the test for General. I did so well on the 13wpm code test that they asked if I wanted to try the 20wpm right away. I said sure why not. To my surprise I actually passed it! So I had a year to go back and take the Advanced and Extra tests which I didn't end up doing at that time. Then roughly 10 years later and after they had dropped the code requirement I went and took the Extra exam. At that time my CW skills had gotten a bit rusty. About 2 years ago though I started getting back into CW quite a bit and did the CW Ops course to get my speed up. Was really glad I did and enjoy CW a whole lot more now! See less

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