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England Ham


Golf Six Uniform Romeo Mike
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Long Time Radio Operator
living in Plymouth, UK

Hi from not so merry england - first i had better explain the screen name - it's an "in " joke - real name is BRETT call G6URM first licenced in 1982 - moved on from CB - got a qrz.com entry - but not updated it in years. LOL!

into : QRP - Making stuff and experimenting - going out today with my friend who provides transport as i no longer drive - to do some NVIS tests on a low slung dipole

NOT into : Digital malarkie - contests - QRO - computery anything ( nessesery evil in life - but kept well away from the hobby ) - and self proclaimed "experts " who's ink ain't dry on their licence !!

Took the old CITY AND GUILDS exam - which was 2 paper - pass or fail ! - held twice a year back then - none of this "online " stuff - this initially got me a "B" licence - but when they did the rule change - i'm now a full licence holder ........ the only difference used to be you could pass a cw test - but that's all gone by the board now ......... sadly

My shack ??? - The great outdoors - too much interferance in the city here to do any meaningfull HF - just local vhf comms - so a photO of me just after we worked 6000 miles into south africa with 5 w and a KITE antenna , one foggy day pre COVID ,er 2 years ago now ?? been out since when health and lockdowns permitt

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