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Long Time Radio Operator
Anton T. Husak
Living in Rockport, Texas

I'm one of those somewhat oddballs who got into amateur radio after being licensed as a professional. I joined the USAF in 1977 mainly because I needed a better skill set. I worked in long range radar, because that was the electronics field with the longest tech school. My last assignment was Hofn, Iceland (picture below) which was a remote site.

While I was there I got into SWL - an old Radio Shack radio - and studied for my FCC exams. After Hofn, my enlistment ended and I was back in the states. I stopped by the FCC office in Houston and took the 3rd, 2nd and 1st class radio exams (radio telephone) and the Radar Endorsement. All before lunch.

I landed a great job working in a Motorola two-way and mobile phone shop and one of my co-workers Elmered me through my Novice. I spent many wonderful mornings working 80 and 40 CW before work. I've since retired and am just now getting back into it. CW is rusty, but looking forward to getting it back. 73, KF5TH

New antenna. SWR looks good. Time will tell on how it actually works.

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