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Kilo Kilo Five Victor November
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Long Time Radio Operator
Patrick C. Bement
Living in Spring, Texas

Glad to be here.. Started my interest in radio early. My Dad was a WW2 and Korea Army radio operator.. In the 60's We had had a "world band " SW radio next to my Dad's chair that nobody was supposed to touch. Late at night I would sneak down to the living room and tune that radio with the glow of tubes to help me see. Didn't get much sleep back then I have been hooked ever since.. Worked my way through the radio classes to Extra and started to give back as a VE.. Over 125 countries later,, I spend my time as an Elmer,, My skin is getting papery,, can't climb a tower anymore,, but it has been one heck of an adventure..

I Could win the QST or 73 magazine messy shack competition these days.. Here is a pic from a few years back.. Yaesu FT-840, Ten Tec legal limit tuner, Ameritron amp, Daiwa 35 amp VV power supply, Bob Heil, K9EID headsets,. The magic makers are a dedicated 10 meter 3 el beam, 40/80 trapped dipole at 35 ft. , 6-20 meters MQ26 Quagi beam, .. (also not shown- FT-101EE not currently in use, IC-706, a J-38 straight key and an FT-990 used mostly for contests an 75M ragchews/roundtable.

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