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Amateur Extra


Whiskey Three Sierra India
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Long Time Radio Operator
William F. Clark
Living in Edgewater, Florida

When CB radio went to hell. Studied hard, worked hard at CW.

In 1978 my call was WB1CTE and my rig was a Kenwood TS-520. It was a great CW rig. I still had my heathkit DX-40 for CW. Note the rotary telephone!

My current 2021 station and yours truly, W3SI.

I was a novice in 1973,WB1CTE, drive to Boston to test for General and Advance tickets. Back then we had to be tested by FCC examiners at field offices. I remained an Advance class op till 1990 after a group of operators talked me into becoming a VE and then needing another Extra to be able to administer ALL the test elements. I drove to Jacksonville, FL to test and passed it. The new FCC issued Extra call was AE4SS. Changed call a couple more times till I was able to obtain my current call, W3SI. I hope to keep this call because my summer home is a short distance to Solomons Island, MD and the previous owner of the call was a local ham. I am active with SKCC and operate mostly CW mode. I have taken an interest in POTA and started collecting my GO STATION. I still use CW Every day!!!!!

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