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Amateur Extra


Whiskey Romeo Six November
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Long Time Radio Operator
Gerald A. Pollack
Living in Palm Harbor, Florida

I was originally licensed in 1971. As I recall, I was able to renew my license because I was on active duty in the Navy. The photo is of my renewal. I wasn't able to find my original ticket.

I was on sea duty in the Navy, Dean. I had very little opportunity to get on the air. As it turned out, I fell out of amateur radio for more than a decade. In 1984, a co-worker expressed an interest in getting licensed and we found an adult ed class for the Technician license. I got my Tech, then went to Advanced and Extra. So I was able to copy 20 WPM at least one day in my life!

In this age of miniaturization, I've succeeded in reducing my radio station down to two radios. I have a Kenwood TM-733 for VHF/UHF and an ICOM 7300 for HF. I still have my Novice Knight-kit T-50 transmitter and a TenTec Power Mite CW transceiver, but they are not currently used. I also have VHF/UHF radios in two of my cars.

20 WPM and 300 HP

In the Navy, we had an NEC (Navy Enlisted Classification) rather than an MOS. I was a Polaris Missile Fire Control Technician on a nuclear submarine. Our patrols were two and a half months of continuous submergence. Didn't give much opportunity for getting on the air. I was home ported in Pearl Harbor, but my boat operated out of Guam.

Here is my collection of Novice crystals. Still have them. Note the old photographic paper box that I used to store them in and stand them up on for easy access.

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