Understanding the moon phases

Every 29 1/2 days we have a full Moon, however the full Moon does not mean the completion of a Moon cycle, but the middle. The Full Moon falls on the 15th of the Lunar month, or half way through the Moon cycle. The effects of the full Moon on earth have intrigued mankind for thousands of years. Farmers would plant their crops depending on the Moon cycle. The tides are effected by the Moon cycle, and man himself reacts differently at different times of the Lunar Month.

When the Moon Rises

  • The new Moon always rises at sunrise.
  • The first quarter rises at noon.
  • The full Moon always rises at sunset
  • The last quarter always rises at midnight.
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    Moonrise occurs about 50 minutes later each day,
    and the new Moon is invisible because its illuminated
    side faces away from Earth, which occurs when the Moon
    lines up between Earth and the Sun.

    One or two days after the time of the new Moon,
    you can see a thin crescent setting just after sunset
    in the western sky.

    New Moon
    The 1st day of the Lunar Month

    First Quarter
    The 9th day of the Lunar Month

    Full Moon
    The 15th day of the Lunar Month

    Last Quarter
    The 22nd day of the Lunar Month

    New Moon
    The 1st day of a new Lunar Month
    and continuing the lunar cycle