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1930 Chevy Whatiuse Wagon

Hand Built in 1988 by J.D. Olson, the creator of Whatiuse
as a promotion for his Whatiuse Orange Oil Polish.

I started with an old 1930 Chevrolet 3/4 ton flatbed.
The photo on the right was taken when it was close to
being finished but I could not wait to take it out.

It took me about 3 months to finish it by working on it
in the mornings before I opened my clock shop,
and in evening after I closed my shop.

I designed it as I built it so I didn't know what
it was going to look like until I stopped working
on it and said, I think that's good enough for now.

While building it, I lost 60 pounds and people wanted
to know if I was dying, but the weight loss was because
sometimes I was so anxious to finish it so I could see what
it was going to look like, I would not take time for breakfast
and after closing my Clockshop for the day, I would work
through dinner time and by the time I got home, it would
sometimes be too late to eat. (Bad dreams if you eat too late!)

In 1988 July 4th fell on a Monday so I closed my store (shop)
for Saturday the 2nd so we would have a 3 day weekend.
So Friday, July 1st as soon as I closed the shop, I
started working on the box for the back of my Chevy.

I worked on my new project that Friday until about 2AM Saturday
worked on it Saturday from 7AM until about midnight, Sunday from
about 8AM until close to midnight, and then on Monday, the 4th of July
I'm not sure how early I started and I only worked on it until about
10 or 11PM. Monday when I got home, my wife asked me if I realized that
I had not eaten since I started working on my new project.

That was kinda how it went for the next couple of month, except my
wife insisted that I get home in time for Supper because she thought
I was loosing weight. So that is how I lost 60 pounds while building
the Whatiuse Wagon. I called it my Wagon Diet.
I wonder if that is what they mean when they say "I am on the wagon"

33 years have passed since I built that wagon, and in 1999
I sold it to someone in New York City who said he was going
to make it into a Bagel Cart (wagon) to operate in the subway
by a boarding station. I have heard nothing about it since
they loaded it onto a truck for the trip to a new home.

A few months after I finished and it was on display
at a Homeshow, a woodworking artist stopped by and
asked if he could make a wooden model of my
Whatiuse Wagon.

After he finished the model, I hired him to make
another 25 that I could sell to my friends but
only 10 more were ever finished and all were
already sold.

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